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Unlock a new era of clean water

We have a strong commitment to drive forward sustainable water solutions, effectively reducing costs and enhancing environmental health for a brighter and better tomorrow.


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Our innovative Eco System sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability

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Dramatically %%lower production costs%% of clean water

We're committed to making the process of producing clean water more affordable on a global scale, ensuring that communities everywhere have access to the essential resource they need without breaking the bank.

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Rapid transformation %%from wastewater to safe water%%

Our cutting-edge technology redefines speed and efficiency by processing in excess of 80% of the total wastewater inflow received at the wastewater plant into water of indirect potable quality in under 10 minutes. This swift processing time represents a significant leap forward in our ability to supply clean water quickly and efficiently.

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Universal access to clean water, with a %%greener footprint%%

By making clean water universally accessible, we aim to drastically reduce the environmental impact of traditional wastewater treatment methods. This not only means providing safe, clean water for all but doing so in a way that significantly lessens pollution by curtailing the release of greenhouse gasses, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Old method

Pitfalls of traditional wastewater processes


Traditional wastewater treatment is costly and labor-intensive, with high operational costs and significant expenses for expansion and waste disposal.


Traditional wastewater systems face long construction and processing times, challenging expansions, and extended service downtimes.


Traditional wastewater treatment emits harmful greenhouse gases, produces foul odors, poses a high risk of leaks, and can lead to environmental contamination.

There is no wastewater treatment system in the world that does what The Eco System is able to do

Processes wastewater to indirect potable quality in under 10 minutes

Lower costs and adjustable water quality

Smaller physical footprint

Easy maintenance and service

Long lasting and reliable components

Portability and Scalability

Minimal lead times as modules are built offsite

No greenhouse gases, foul smells, or leaks

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Addressing the Global Water Emergency.

Meet the innovators behind the water revolution

Discover the dedicated experts and visionaries driving our mission to transform water treatment for a sustainable future.



Steve Adelstein


Roland Breton


Santiago Contreras

VP of Engineering


Roland Joseph Breton

Production Manager

Advisory Members

Bevin A. Beaudet

Board member 2017-2022, Retired

With over 45 years of experience in technical and managerial roles, Mr. Beaudet has led water infrastructure projects and utility management initiatives. He retired as Director of Palm Beach County, Florida's Water Utilities Department, where he achieved remarkable efficiency and innovation, earning prestigious awards. He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida, a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an Executive Certificate in Public Management from Florida Atlantic University.

Paul Culler

Board Member 2014-2020, Retired

Mr. Culler has a notable career pioneering Membrane Softening, revolutionizing desalination facility construction, and commercializing low-pressure membranes. As the founder of Basic Technologies and SeaTec Systems, he played a key role in the Southeast Desalting Association and the Membrane Operator Certification School.

Kenneth Wurtenberger

Board Member 2022-2023, Practicing Attorney

Kenneth P. Wurtenberger is a seasoned real estate and business development attorney in Florida since 1973. His career highlights include owning and managing law firms and title companies, serving as in-house counsel for major real estate projects, and representing builders in single-family home development. Currently, he focuses on representing real estate developers in various projects and is recognized as "Dealmaker of the Year" by the Daily Business Review. He holds top ratings for legal ability and ethics, serves on the advisory board of Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizinga School of Business, and is a member of The Florida Bar and The New York Bar. He earned his B.A. from Syracuse University in 1966 and his J.D. from Brooklyn Law in 1969.

Bill Young

Board Member 2014-2023, Retired

Mr. Young began his career journey at Cutler Hammer in 1966, later orchestrating significant relocations and founding Industrial Power Systems, Inc. (IPS) in 1981, which was acquired by The New IEM, LLC in 2011. He currently serves as President of BAJ Young Consulting, Inc., offering electrical design services for industrial control systems. He holds an AAS degree from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and an Electrical Engineering degree from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Strategic Advisors

Gulshan K Dhawan, Ph.D

CEO Applied Membranes Inc.

Steven L Dobbs, P.E.

Director of Florida Operations

Yehuda Ungar

Newlines Engineering

Current Board Members

Steve Adelstein

Board Member 2014-Present

(77 years old) Mr. Adelstein boasts extensive expertise as a financial and operations executive across diverse business sectors, including startup development and financial management. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Action Expertz LLC and several other controlled entities. With a significant shareholding, Mr. Adelstein has been involved as a Founder and Chairman of the Board since the inception of our company, taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer in July 2020.

Roland Breton

Board member 2014-Present

Mr. Breton brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role as President and Director of the Company. Throughout his distinguished career, he has been deeply entrenched in the entrepreneurial landscape, spearheading numerous successful startups and nurturing small public companies to fruition. Notably, Mr. Breton currently holds the esteemed positions of President and Director at Oser Ventures, Inc., where he continues to drive innovation and foster growth. His extensive background in entrepreneurship has endowed him with invaluable insights and a keen understanding of the dynamic business landscape, making him a pivotal figure in the Company's strategic direction and operational success.

Robert Hussey

Board Member 2016-Present

Mr. Hussey is an experienced executive with a diverse background spanning consumer packaged goods, financial services, and advertising. He specializes in advising private equity and institutional investors, having worked with prominent firms like Amphion Capital Management and Argentum Capital. His achievements include founding and leading the NASDAQ IPO of POP Radio Corp and holding key positions at American Home Products/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Grey Advertising. He's also a founding investor in Moonit.com and serves on multiple boards including Digital Remedy, Inc. He holds an MBA in International Finance from George Washington University and an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University School of Business.

Renee Ungar

Board Member 2022-Present

With over three decades of diverse experience, Renee began as a corporate banking executive assistant before transitioning to real estate services. She grew a small title insurance sales office into a comprehensive real estate services company, known for integrity and customer service. In 2020, she revitalized a 70-year-old fabrics business into a modern design center. Alongside her professional successes, Renee enjoys a fulfilling family life, recently welcoming her first grandson.

Wayne Miller

Board Member 2022-Present

Wayne H. Miller is a corporate attorney admitted to the Bar in Minnesota and Florida. He held key roles as Executive VP and General Counsel of Rosen Materials and Chief Counsel at USLBM. He played a pivotal role in Rosen's impressive revenue growth from under $100 million in 2013 to over $750 million in 2022 and negotiated its sale to USLBM in April 2015. Mr. Miller's legal career began at Gray Plant Mooty, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Lending/Borrowing, and Corporate Law. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and Religion from Carleton University and a Juris Doctor from Western New England University School of Law. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1969, Mr. Miller now resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife, Lynda, and daughter, Isabella.

Daniel Buckmaster

Board Member 2022-Present

Dan Buckmaster brings vision to both engineering and business, and holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an advanced certificate in Advanced Manufacturing from the University at Buffalo. As President and Founder of the Tresca Group and Director at EcoWorld Water Corp, Buckmaster demonstrates exceptional leadership in driving innovation and excellence in product development and design. Under his guidance, the Tresca Group has become a leading mechanical engineering design firm, providing end-to-end services and achieving significant growth milestones.

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